Gary Potts' Bio

For what's it's worth, my photo journey began as an eager 14 year-old in Bedford, Indiana, working at Martin Photo Service and Hobby Supply. John and Clara imparted loads of information about photography; John, especially, took me under his wing and taught me a great deal. They gave me my first "real" camera...a Minolta AL...for my high school graduation.

In college, I was photo editor of the Purdue DEBRIS...the annual student-produced yearbook. What fun it was to organize, print, edit and assemble the thousands of images needed to make a successful book.

Over the intervening years, I thought I was a better photographer than I actually all too common trap we all can fall into from time to time. The world today is filled with hundreds, even thousands, of great, great image is harder and harder to differentiate our work from others. Like the old cliche, however, we all too often see "the cream rising to the top". I can only continue to improve and learn and study the work and techniques of others. It is clearly a journey, never a destination.

In the 90's, I began to get the input of some excellent professionals with a national reputation...people like George Lepp, Rod Planck, and John Gerlach. I also found that, even though good images can be made right in your own backyard, the real stimulation and creative juices flow best for me when out and about in one of our national parks or national conservation areas. I began to shoot in the Smoky Mountains, in the Badlands, and in the U.P. of Michigan. Photo "safaris" with good friends became more frequent. In late 2003, my wife and I moved to the Las Vegas area of the U.S., and a whole new subject matter...the Desert Southwest...became my photographic canvas.

Late in the last decade...along came digital imaging, and the photo world was turned upside down. Now, everyone could get excellent exposures and wonderful the vision became evermore to find the elusive light, form, and texture that could make our images unique.

I'm fortunate in that my work has been accepted in international salons, sold through online sites, and shown in a diverse venue of shows, exhibitions, competitions and displays. I do not try, nor do I feel a competitive need, to actively market and sell my work. The joy for me is in the capture...anything else is just a nice extra.

May you enjoy my galleries and get in touch if the spirit moves you!

Gary Potts